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It’s official and the GoGreenGeo EV Project is moving forward. Last week we decided to go and purchase the domain www.gogreengeo.com. We have updated the project name and title to “GoGreenGeo EV Project: Building EG1 (Electric Geo One)”. Below is our objective.


  • 1)     Convert a 1990 Geo Metro into an electric vehicle
  • 2)      Keep a detailed log of the progress of the project
  • 3)      Inspire others to do the same to help our environment
  • 4)      Raise environmental awareness


     Current Donations by:

    50/50 Collaborations

    Oscar Steele Media

The 3G Team has the official GoGreenGeo Project Website up and running.

You can get the complete status of the GoGreenGeo Project @ www.gogreengeo.myitcrew.com


The GoGreenGeo Project began on April 20th 2008. This Project will convert a 1990 Geo Metro into a GOGREENGEO, by transforming it into an Electric Car. The project will be funded by donations. The main objective of the project is to raise environmental awareness.

GoGreenGeo Project

The GoGreenGeo Project has started and we have started our MySpace Page. The Project will be to convert a 1990 Geo Metro into an all Electric Car that will give of zero Greenhouse gases. The whole project will be funded with donations and we will be setting up a Paypal accounts for online donation. We will have photos soon of the project car.

GoGreeenGeo Vision:

The GoGreenGeo will be converted to all Electric.

The GeoGreenGeo will be painted PGP Go Green 2259

The top 10 donations will have their logo placed on the GoGreenGeo

The GoGreenGeo will be used daily and travel 30 to 50 miles.

A website will have the progress of the whole project including photos.

GoGreenGeo Project MySpace Page

GoGreenGeo MySpace

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Here are some photo’s of the La Vergne, TN Car Show and photo’s of the new 2007 Dodge Charge La Vergne Police Car. Good turnout this year for the car show.



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